The Impressive Advantages of Solar Street Lights

Smart Solar street lights in Australia are getting a lot more popular and are effective to reduce emissions and cut local council costs.

With many of today’s cities becoming more environmentally conscious, solar lighting has significantly increased in popularity – particular solar street lights.

Typically associated with multiple advantages like conserving high amounts of energy when compared to traditional lighting, commercial solar street lights are particularly popular in places that experience a high volume of sunlight.

So, if you’d like to learn more about the impressive benefits of the solar lighting Australia is seeing much more of, read on.

Environmentally friendly

Perhaps the most renowned advantage of all, solar street lighting is hailed as being environmentally friendly, able to reduce the carbon footprint of many towns and cities.

This happens simply because solar lighting relies solely on energy from the sun, requiring no electrical power in order to function. Day time sunlight is ‘stored’ within the light’s built in battery, ready to be converted into light when needed at night.

Inexpensive to run

Unlike many traditional street lights that require huge amounts of electricity, solar lighting is fully independent from the utility grid – meaning operation costs are far lower.

Not having to rely on any electricity providers, solar street lights are wireless and run no risk of suddenly losing power during unexpected grid failures or power cuts.

Less maintenance

With many traditional street lights having parts that may need replacing or checking on a regular basis, they often require much greater degrees of maintenance than solar alternatives.

This makes solar lighting much more hassle-free, with many solar street light batteries able to last an impressive 7 years without needing to be replaced. And as virtually all other components of these lights boast an average lifespan of 20-30 years, they can simply be left alone without compromising their function.

Lower risk

Due to their wireless design, solar street lighting automatically boasts much less risk than traditional lights. Presence of wires instantly increases the chance of dangerous accidents and even electrocution, so solar lighting is guaranteed to be less risky in nature.

Better still, solar street lights are far less likely to overheat or attract unwanted insects.

Better for remote areas

It’s relatively common for remote areas outside of larger cities to experience electricity problems. And if relying solely on traditional lighting, this could be a very dangerous issue during the dark nights.

However, as plenty of solar street lighting components are easily transportable to remote places, providing an efficient yet safe solution is simple. Instantly eliminating the need for grid power, solar lighting is the perfect way to minimise the risk of electricity shortages, making remote areas much safer for residents.

A true testament to how effective and safe solar street lighting can be, the unquestionable benefits certainly outweigh any disadvantages. The perfect ‘green lighting’ solution, solar street lights will make a superb asset to virtually any area.